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Under that scenario then, the only 9.5 available electronically would be a new rig right off the assembly line and out of the box.

Even then, we should probablyl apply the same standards we do to automobiles.  A brand new car loses some of its "rating" the moment we drive it off the sales lot.
So, as soon as we open the box of the new rig and turn on the power for the second time (assuming the first time was at the factory to make sure it was working) we drop the rating both electrically and cosmetically down to an 8 or 8.5 and the value from, say, $1500 retail down to $1000 retail.

Sorry... can't buy that.    A rating .. whether it be cosmetically or electronically.. should be given with that unit compared to how it was at the time it was in common use; and then, of course, we add in the value increase factor, just like we do when buying a vintage car.

Just MHO though.   Others may disagree and I respect their opinion too.
Ray  wa7itz
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  IMHO I would take 9.5 cosmetically any day over 9.5 electronically.
  Cosmetics are usually harder to restore/replace. Electronics, well, that is
  what were all about and should be fairly easy. I do agree that the overall
  rating should be a bit lower than 9.5 if all is not up to snuff but after
  all the seller did disclose it's faults so I assumed his 9.5 meant

  Tom K3TVC

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