Edward B Richards zuu6k at JUNO.COM
Sun Mar 16 11:31:46 EDT 2008

 I think he is right on! You see much abuse of ratings. The word "mint"
is the most abused. Have you seen ads for "mint" equipment with the
notation "it has a dent here or a small hole there, or this doesn't work
or that needs alignment"? When someone exaggerates a condition, he should
be called on it. In this case there is some question as to whether the
drift is normal or not. I would assume...not, or he would not have
mentioned it. However, he didn't claim it was a 10. He downgraded it 1/2
a point. Let's give him credit for that.

 73, Ed   K6UUZ

On Sat, 15 Mar 2008 08:23:26 -0400 Bry Carling <bcarling at CFL.RR.COM>
> You guys are very brave behind the keyboard.
> Anywhere else your remarks would be considered extremely 
> RUDE, and BBob would get an apology. Can't you take this 
> kind of obnoxious, back-biting attack to some other group 
> where it belongs?
> > I was thinking the same thing. It's a 9.5 but does not work right! 
> Lets 
> > see that makes it a 5 on my scale.
> > 
> > Meir-WF2U wrote:
> > > How can be that DX-100B in fantastic condition when the VFO is 
> described as
> > > "drifty"? Those Heath VFO's if working correctly and after a 
> warm-up period
> > > are among the least drifty VFO's in classic rigs. 
> > > If the VFO is drifty, maybe a repair would be in order first 
> before
> > > declaring that the rig is in fantastic condition... Maybe 
> cosmetically but
> > > surely not electronically.
> > >
> > > 73, Meir WF2U
> > > Landrum, SC


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