High Power HF BA's?

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Fri Mar 28 17:23:54 EDT 2008

The Hallicrafters SR-400A had 550 watts INPUT, not
output and the SR-500 had 500 watts INPUT, not output.
 If you talk about input power then there were quite a
number of transmitters that had 500 watts input.  None
of these are going to make 450 peak watts output.  The
Yaesu FTdx570 was rated at 560 watts input and
therefore is just not going to make 450 peak watts
output either.  At least not "clean" watts.

You might be able to get over 450 peak watts output on
these rigs but it certainly would not be "clean". 
That is you could over-drive the finals and get more
watts input but the quality of the transmitted signal
would certainly suffer.

Also, if you are talking about peak output power then
there are quite a few AM transmitters that put out
more than 450 watts.  Remember that an AM transmitter
modulated at 100% puts out 4 times the carrier power
as peaks.  Under those circumstances even the Heath
DX-100 series and the Apache can come close (at least
on 80 meters).  The WRL Globe King 400 and 500 series
and the WRL Globe Champion 300 and 350 series
definitely put out more than 450 watts peak but the
carrier output is more in the 200 to 300 watt output.

The following are examples that can put out more than
450 watts peak on SSB (at least on 80 meters) and, in
the case of the Collins KW-1, more than 450 watts
carrier (not peak) output.

Swan 600T

Collins KW-1
Collins KWS-1

Hallicrafters SR-750

Glen, K9STH

--- Meir WF2U <wf2u at WS19OPS.COM> wrote:

Don't forget the Hallicrafters SR-2000 transceiver,
the Johnson Viking Invader 2000 transmitter, the Globe
King 500 transmitter. And then there are some military
surplus BA rigs in amateur use I could list here, like
the BC-610 and the T-368 transmitters.

Quoting kd4e <doc at KD4E.COM>:
I have been gathering info re. HF rigs with hight
power output, minimum 450W PEP Output.

The four rigs below appear to meet that criteria, are
there others?

Hallicrafters SR-400A
National NCX-1000
Swan 700CX
Yaesu FT-DX570

Glen, K9STH

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