HF rigs with hight power output, minimum 450W PEP Output

kd4e doc at KD4E.COM
Fri Mar 28 21:55:30 EDT 2008

Have you measured the output, please?

Would you say that it produces 450-500W PEP
Output, and not merely whistle-peaks but as
a decent average of your typical voice peaks?

I am trying to accurately classify and categorize
Ham power-transceivers and can use all of the
real-world numbers I can get.

I believe that I am close to a complete list
but have been led to be suspicious of the power
ratings I found from various sources on the Internet.

Once I have what I believe to be a good list I will
create a Web page and then link out to all of the
sites I can find for these rigs.

It will be exclusively about high power Ham transceivers,
though I may be persuaded to include also "twins" or
transmitter-receiver combos that were originally sold
that way.

> The Hallicrafters SR-500 is also in this category. It is a nice
> compact rig. Finals are hard to come by, but 6146 etc., can be subbed
> w/change in the bias voltage. I have one and use it on the air often.
>  73 de john  W4GQT


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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