[Hallicrafters] Help - Need Parts for Johnson Pacemaker

Lloyd KK7IZ kk7iz at COX.NET
Sun May 11 13:26:50 EDT 2008

Gee, Dave, I didn't know you had an exotic implant. A pacemaker, Johnson no 
less. What class, and you can tune your own frequency! I didn't think you 
were good for more than a couple of cycles       a month. (GRINNNNNNNNNN)
Lloyd  KK7IZ
kk7iz at cox.net

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>I am in desperate need of some iron slugs for tuning coils in a Johnson
> Pacemaker.  These iron slugs are for a 3/8" OD ceramic coil and are 1/4"
> diameter and 1/2" long.  They have a 4-40 thread brass adjusting screw.  I
> need a replacement for one that is missing and really could use 4 more to
> replace ones that have bent adjusting screws.  Does anyone have some coils
> like this in their junk box or parts bins?
> David
> KC2JD/4
> Clearwater, FL
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