Attenuators for driving grid driven linears

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon May 19 17:59:43 EDT 2008

I just got a very rude awakening when I went to
restock the parts that I use in making the attenuators
that I sell for use when driving a grid-driven linear
amplifier with various boat anchor transmitters. 
Virtually all of those parts have increased in cost by
at least 50%.  Therefore, effective 1 June 2008 I am
going to have to increase the prices charged for those

For any orders postmarked before 1 June 2008 I will
hold to the old price of $59.95 for the low power
version (except for Texas sales where I have to
collect sales tax and the price is $64.90) and for the
high power version $109.95 (except for Texas which is
$119.02).  Shipping is a flat $6.00 for CONUS and
$9.00 for Canada (foreign contact for shipping

For orders postmarked after 1 June 2008 the cost of
the low power version will be $72.95 (Texas $78.97)
and the high power version $124.95 (Texas $135.25). 
The shipping charges are still the same:  $6.00 for
CONUS and $9.00 for Canada (again foreign contact for
shipping charges).

You can see these attenuators at

Again, get your order postmarked by 1 June 2008 and I
will "eat" the additional parts charges.  

Glen, K9STH



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