Power resistors

rick darwicki n6pe at YAHOO.COM
Sat May 31 11:08:25 EDT 2008

Doc, et al
My store and note to to list was not meant as spam or an "AD". I am not a "real store" just a guy with 50 years of junk to get rid of. 
I created the "store" so I can list items for about $0.05 for a whole month vs $.35 for an auction. Almost everything listed in my "store" has MAKE BEST OFFER and like a swap meet I accept a bird in the hand. I've sold a lot of stuff for 50% off the listed price. If you see something you need, make an offer and mention the list.
I have AUCTIONS of a few goodies to attract buyers that than search the store because a search of eBay will not search my store unless the item is not also listed on eBay or in one of the "commercial" high power REAL STORES.
I also will not rip you off on shipping, as you can see from my feedback. The convenience of printing labels and receiving payments to my ham mad money account hidden from the XYL are worth the 9-10% it cost me to sell on eBay rather than the list.
The biggest problem with selling here is not being able to list pictures and wasting time emailing pictures to people that are not really interested in the items.
Last night I posted some auctions of Power Resistors and I'll be adding a lot of large wattage fixed and adjustables to the "store" at fairly low prices with a Make Best Offer for the financially impaired. 
 If you guys would rather not be made aware of these items, let me know.

 Rick -= N6PE =-

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