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grg w5grg at W5GRG.NET
Sat May 31 18:45:45 EDT 2008

I am not mad at anyone about who posts what and where. However as a 
webmaster of several sites both non-profit and my own stores I have some 
sensitivity to anyone who would use a free service to promote business 
on a paid site, any site but especially ebay. On the qth and other 
lists, linking directly to ebay is definitely prohibited as it should 
be. Ebay has just about ruined the search engines looking up anything 
without ebay having a phony link to what you are looking for.
Ebay is a mess, I cannot imagine anyone wanting to list there it is so 
full of scams and bad deals the honest sellers don't have much of a chance.
Rick mentioned pictures not being allowed on this list. There are many 
free sites that allow picture posting.
I have had an ebay account since 1997 when ebay made you pay into them 
to list, there was no credit cards used, no paypal, etc. I still have 
money on account at ebay. As many say , it is a good place to get rid of 
stuff if you don't care what it brings, may use it myself someday unless 
I am closer to the trash can.
Just my $.02

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