FS: Heath/Zenith ETW-3100 Experimenter Breadboard and two Heath/Zenith SM-2100 Digital Multimeters

Bob Groh WA2CKY rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Wed Nov 5 01:01:25 EST 2008

More cleaning up in the basement/ham shack and more stuff to go. Pictures are on the web at:

I have an ETW-3100 (i.e. a wired version of the ET-3100) Electronic Design Experimenter with manual
and still in the original Heath/Zenith box (in nice shape). The ETW-3100 is a factory built version of the ET-3100 and, since I have
an EW-3100 already, I reluctantly concluded I should offer
this one to the list. Manual is completely unmarked and does include
all the assembly details. The ETW-3100 is nice for breadboarding new
circuits - it not only includes an large breadboarding socket to plug
in and interconnect components but also includes two variable and
regulated power supplies (one negative and one positive - 1 to 15 VDC),
a 200 Hz to 20 kHz signal generator (sine and square wave outputs) and a 1K and 100K pot.  Very handy to throw together something to experiment with. The pictures give you an idea what is on the front panel. 
Price: $50 (postage included (USPS Priority Mail))

Second, I have two(2) SM-1210 Digital multimeters. The SM-1210 is a factory built 2-1/2 digit DVM with switch selectable ranges - it will read DC and AC volts (2, 20,200, 2000V: 1KV max DC and 700V max AC),  DC and AC current (2,20,200, 2K mA ), and resistance (200, 2K, 20K, 200K and 2Meg). No manuals, leads, etc with these. I plugged them in for a quick checkout (VDC using a single AAA battery and resistance using a 33K ohm resistor). The top DVM in the pictures
lites up but does not read either voltage or resistance. The bottom DVM
lites up and seems to work ok although both readings were high (i.e.
VDC = 1.85 V and R = 36K). Did not check any of the other ranges or
Both in one lot for $30 (again postage included).

Check, money order is fine. PayPal is fine if you don't mind adding an extra $2.00 to help cover the fees. My address is fine on QTH.com or any other site under my call sign (WA2CKY).  Email me privately and thanks for looking.

Bob Groh, WA2CKY

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