Heat shrink gun

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sun Nov 16 16:08:18 EST 2008

Harbor Freight has a heat gun on sale for the rest of the month of November for $9.99.  The number is 96289 and is regularly $19.99.  It is dual heat rated at 572 degrees F on low and 1112 degrees F on high.  I bought one a couple of days ago and it definitely works great for heat shrink tubing.

I am using the low setting and it works very fast on heat shrink.  The high setting is for stripping things like paint but in that position the gun pulls over 11 amps.  At the low setting it is "spec'd" at 3.4 amps.

For about $10 the heat gun is definitely worth the money where heat shrink is concerned.

Glen, K9STH

Website:  http://k9sth.com


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