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Wed Nov 19 10:28:06 EST 2008

I haven't really looked at the VFO in the Pacemaker.  Heath changed the 6AU6 to a 6AH6 very soon in the production life of the Apache to stabilize the VFO for use with the SB-10 SSB adapter.  That change was very successful and is probably what started the change idea for the VF-1 and DX-100 series.  Also, Heath changed the screen regulator from an 0A2 to an 0B2 in the HG-10 series VFOs and that may have been the impetus to change the regulator in the earlier VFOs.

The VF-1 is very similar to the Johnson 122 VFO which provided the basic design for the Valiant, Ranger, and Navigator VFO.  Although I haven't looked at the Pacemaker VFO I would bet that it is safe to assume that the VFO is basically the same as the other Johnson transmitters of the time.

You could experiment with the 6BH6 and see what happens.  Replacing the 6AU6 with a 6AH6 is a well known replacement that has been proven for quite a number of years.

Glen, K9STH


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Can I assume that this applies to the VFO in the Pacemaker also?  I would think changing to a 6BH6 would be a better choice than the 6AH6.


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