Heath TX from 1950's ?

hudlerb1@netzero.com hudlerb1 at NETZERO.COM
Mon Oct 6 00:29:19 EDT 2008

Hi All,

Just wanted to tell you guys about a really cool day here in SF. Out on business for two weeks, so not much to do on the weekend.

Went out to Alcatraz Island for the day, this is one cool National Park. Highly recommend it.

Here's the Ham Radio part....about half way through the Cell Block audio walking tour, they direct you to the Main Office of the place. An antique communications center so to speak, with telephones, old microphones, gizmo switches, lights etc. Yep, you guessed it, a BIG 'ol Heathkit sittin' there just rusting away.....It think it was an TX1 with a pair of antique headphones sitting on top......made my day.

Don't need 'phones with the that radio, but nobody would know that but us...Hi Hi  OK, I was lookin' for the matching RX1, but not seen anywhere. 

73's Bruce  WA3MKC



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