Would like Globe Scout 680A schematic and parts list

Robert Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Sat Oct 11 19:06:39 EDT 2008

Started working on a Globe Scout 680A that I picked up a couple of years ago and want to go through and replace all the electrolytics before I turn it on for the first time.  Would like to have a schematic and parts list to ease the task but so far no luck.  There is a manual on BAMA for the 680 but nothing for the 680A.  No other hits after doing various searches.  Of course, the manuals seem to be available for sale but I am stoutly resisting that route (for now, anyways). 

So does anyone have a manual or know of a source for a manual?  Again this is for the 680A not the 680. The two seem quite close but I notice some differences such as a shield around the PA and PA tanks (this may not be original - if not, it is done quite nicely). 

I can (and will, in need be) ferret out the differences by poking and proding.  Certainly wouldn't mind having a manual to make the job easier.


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