Needed 83 tube.

Kevin McDonald ktmaustin at SBCGLOBAL.NET
Fri Sep 5 23:37:28 EDT 2008

I have a couple of tube testers with the type 83 tube.
I collected a couple as spares as they seem to be becoming scarce.
I also play with low end vintage audio as the Dynaco and Heathkit series.
The Dynaco Stereo 70 uses the 5AR4/GZ-34 tube for a rectifier.
I couldn't find native 5AR4 so I went with the Russian version - what crap - 
consider them $18 fuses.
I then looked at the schematic and realized that the 5U4 was a pin for pin 
The specs for the 5U4 were a bit less than than the 5AR4 but in the real 
world the 5U4 is a major trooper while the filiment in the Rusky 5AR4 is 
good for ~ 6 months at 20 hours/week.
The full tube Dynaco sounds great through the old AR3A speakers.
I found a very nice 5U4G (big fat glass) to put in my HQ-180 to light it 
up - what a sweet radio!
5U4's make the boatanchor world go round!


p.s. I didn't know about the 83 -> 5U4 replacement.
Does this affect calibration or is rectification rectification?

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