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Another not so dramatic story, but it is fun bringing back the old

I was lucky that they were giving FCC exams at the local Rochester
Hamfest, so I took my General there in 1965 (at the ripe old age of 15).
Luckily I passed it. 
Three or four years later, I drove to Buffalo, about 70 miles away, with
several ham friends and my brother (I was old enough to drive then), to
take my Advanced test, which I passed, but I can't say the same for all
of us. The examiner there was a stern little old(er) lady with a
mustache. I ran into her again around 8 years later when I took my FCC
Second and Third Class commercial exams.

In the late 70's, They were still giving exams at the local Hamfest, so
I decided to take my Extra test there. How they could read my sloppy
scribbling from trying to copy 20 WPM, I'll never know, but I passed.


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As we're all into nostalgia....

My father drove the 80 or so miles to New York City to bring 14 year old
me to take the General Exam in 1960.  (The rule for conditional was 75
airline miles; we were just inside the line.)  It was in the old Federal
Building on Washington Street, near Cortland Street, NY's old radio row.
The examiner was the same cranky old cigar smoke who ruled forever!
Passed it.  The building and all of radio row was later demolished to
build the World Trade Center.

Long 'bout 1970, incentive licensing in full force, and I was married
and living on Long Island.  Took the Long Island Railroad into New York,
same building, same examiner!  Passed that one too!

Not such a dramatic story...no climbing hills in the blowing snow,
carrying my surfboard, but fond memories nonetheless!

Ron K2RP

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Gee Carl sounds familiar... I took the train the good old Maine Central
from Bangor to Boson in 1959 to take my commercial exam... Passed the
3rd and 2nd at the Customs House... I had a Conditional Amateur ticket
and I wanted to get the real thing well guess what I flunked it by 1
question!!! The old examiner looked at me and said " Son I cannot do
that to you, Your just tired, Since you passed the 2nd consider you are
a General." About 6 weeks later I got all three in the mail. Not allowed
to drink adult stuff was just
17 ...By the way got the Extra and First in the early 70's..

Bob W1PE

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When I took my Extra a bunch of us from National Radio went all of 10
miles to the FCC Boston office on a bright warm day the day after
Incentive Licensing was effective (1968 ?).

Everybody passed what they wanted and we then proceeded to a nice
restaurant with outdoor tables and commenced  to eat and load up on
adult beverages.

Driving home was harder than the exam..........


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