FS: R-388, $375; NC-183D, $395

Al Parker anchor at EC.RR.COM
Tue Sep 23 20:11:35 EDT 2008

Hi folks,
    I have been thru both of these rcvrs recently, used the NC-183D a bit on
160 & 75 AM & SSB this past winter, listened on other bands with it.  The
R-388 was just finished, have played with it a bit.
    R-388 -- some details -- The PTO "span" was about 4-1/2 kc off from end
to end, the compensating coil inside has been slightly trimmed, and the
error now is less than 0.5kc.  Calibration between adjacent 100kc points is
also within 0.5kc.  The feedback capacitor in the PTO has been replaced, as
have all "bathtub" caps in the receiver.  The bias voltage was close
to -70vdc and several changes were made to bring it close to an
acceptable -64.  Two silver mica 100mmf capacitors in the AGC section, which
often become leaky and cause AGC problems have been replaced with dipped
micas.  The dual section electrolytic filter capacitor has been re-stuffed
with new capacitors.  A full alignment has been performed, including a sweep
alignment of the crystal phasing filter, true "single signal" reception is
possible on CW.  See more at http://www.boatanchors.org/R-388.htm
    NC-183D  -- some details -- All "BBOD's" and any other questionable
capacitor or resistor has been replaced.  Many originals were tested and
found to be within specs, so were left in the circuit.  A product detector
was installed as described in an article in the Dec. 1992 ER magazine.  A
6SN7 tube was utilized, plugged into the accessory socket.  This makes SSB
listening a real pleasure.   1st & 2nd Mixer Filaments on at all times via
added transformer.  See more at http://www.boatanchors.org/NC-183D.htm
    My email access will be spotty next week, plus will not be able to ship
then, but there might be enough time before this weekend to satisfy an eager
buyer.  Prices plus shipping.  I must ask $10 to cover packing matls & my
time, but actual shipping will be charged.  I prefer Fedex, but can use
others per request.  You can estimate cost from zip 28560, use 70 lbs for
the R-388, 85 for the NC-183 (it's very heavy).  use fedex.com or UPS.com,
or your choice.
    If any questions, please ask.
Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC

"there is nothing -absolutely nothing- half as much worth doing as simply
messing about in boats."
   Ratty, to Mole

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