FS: MORROW CM-1 Conelrad Monitor

Mon Apr 13 10:18:26 EDT 2009

Hello Doc and all the " anchorites "
 the MORROW series were really nice CD monitors,  I had one for several years but gave it away 
during one of my many moves, I realy regret giving  it away.
Your mentioning it ( and your pictures) really brings back some pleasent memories.

I have a question for the group as a whole.

I recently received several older radios that I will be fixing up and cleaning up.
I have manuals for most, but one was an Olson RA-48 " Communications" receiver.
a really nice first receiver for the new ham in the 60's.
I need a schematic to properly repair it. 
Does anyone have a schematic that they would be willing to photocopy?  
I am, of course, willing to pay for coping and postage if anyone has one.
 Daniel Donnelly KC7VDA 
-----Original message-----
From: kd4e doc at KD4E.COM
> FS:  MORROW CM-1 Conelrad Monitor
> Asking $95. including shipping conus.
> (snip)
> Mine is less pristine than the Universal one and has some
> scratches on the dial face that will require a little black
> paint to cover.  (Pictures are available on request.)
> Mine is in working condition but I have not realigned
> it nor have I changed the caps.  Am getting an Elmac
> PMR-6A and something has to go to pay for it!

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