Coil for Heath GD-1 GDO

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Apr 20 16:26:26 EDT 2009

I am looking for a set of coils for the Heath GD-1 grid dip oscillator.  These ARE different from the Heath GD-1B (don't know about the GD-1A).  The only common coils between the GD-1 and the GD-1B are the 2 MHz to 5 MHz and the 100 MHz to 200 MHz ones.  The GD-1 has a total of 6 coils in the "standard" set and the GD-1B has 5 coils.

If worse comes to worse I can fabricate a set of coils since I do have a GD-1B which uses the same type of coil forms.  However, fabricating the complete coil set is going to be a pain in the posterior.

The coil ranges for the GD-1 are

2 - 5 MHz
5 - 11 MHz
11-28 MHz
28 - 65 MHz
65 - 180 MHz
100 - 250 MHz

Glen, K9STH



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