circuit breakers

Paul Kraemer elespe at LISCO.COM
Thu Aug 13 18:55:18 EDT 2009

I have a quantity of 2 pole 250vac rated breakers, removed from equipment
but in good condition
Some are PB, some are Airpax, some have white handles some have black
handles. Recollection is that all have the 0.250" QC tab connection but can
be soldered too or even attach a ring lug with a screw and nut through the
hole in the tab.
PB part number is W68X2Q1-2-20
Data sheet at :
These are breakers that mount in a panel and can be used for the on / off
control switch as well as protection
Perfect for the 220 volts to the linear as they are not just thermal
breakers they are magnetic also and trip quickly on a big overload. No, they
can't be seperated into two single pole breakers. BTDT
Tell me your preference and I'll see if I can meet it.
$3.50 each or 3 / $10.00 plus cost of postage
Paul K0UYA

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