Imagine a world without hamfests

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Fri Aug 14 08:13:36 EDT 2009

I don't remember seeing you before.
I have offered to help people get stuff and have seen others do so.  I have 
also seen the "needers" fail to respond.
Try again.
Make it clear what you need and that you'll pay reasonable amounts.  Agree 
on the amounts ahead of time, at least a range.  I often just tell people to 
make a local donation instead, for small stuff.
Sit back and see what happens.
I think people are better than you indicate.  Give them another chance.

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Subject: Imagine a world without hamfests

Several times I've mentioned needing something only to have people
tell me how available and cheap they are at hamfests.  The number of
hams in the US (700,000 as I recall) is just a touch less than the
total population of Oahu discounting tourists, no fixed address and
the state government.  (On reflection, the total count may be slightly
over if I discount the government.)  This is a small state and I live
on the most populous island in the state.  The next county is some 50
miles away and the interstate system here doesn't go between counties
let alone to the mainland.  We don't have hamfests as they're
understood on the mainland but we also don't have the basements &
closets of equipment that swaps homes that are so available on the
mainland.  Many homes here don't even have basements or large closets
which may be a reason why, but so would the fact that there isn't
anything like the amount of equipment & parts available here as there
is on the mainland.

That said, when I've asked that someone pick something up for me
that's so easy and cheap to find and that I'd pay them from the next
coming pension check, I get zero response.  I'm not out to stiff
anyone and I have never done so.  Any of a number of people can
confirm that.  Nor am I looking for anything obscure or outrageous ...
well, except a life companion and that's pure unobtainium, and I'm
pretty much on my own on that quest.

The way I see it, this comes down to either (or both) of two
possibilities.  The first is trust and I can understand that.  The
second is a give a [insert really bad word here] attitude and I can't
understand that.  While you're thinking about (or ignoring) that,
re-read the subject line.  That's pretty much where I live.

BEst regards,

Michael, WH7HG
Hiki Nô!

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