Imagine a world without hamfests

Robert Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Fri Aug 14 11:53:27 EDT 2009


I sympathize with your problem and I have a few suggestions. 

#1)   I'll bet you will get a better response if you don't include the comment about paying from your next pension check.  I suggest you build up a little 'hobby fund' so you have the payment already to go and, in fact, you need not mention it at all. 

#2)   Although not mentioned, I would recommend you have a PayPal account.  This is a sore subject for some but I totally believe in PayPal.  Yes, I do accept checks and money orders but the delay can be excruciating!  Delays to complete a transaction can extend to weeks easily and, frankly, I usually want to get the thing I am selling packed on on it's way in days (at most). 

#3)    When you do inquire about wanting something, please do include your zip code so a possible seller will know what to include for shipping. I know that when I ask for a price (or when I give a price to someone), I want that shipping cost included!  For many items, shipping (and the complexity of shipping) can cost more than the item itself.

As for hamfests, they are not all that common any more anywhere. It is usually neat when you can find something you need at a hamfest (no shipping!!!) but finding an specific item is not guaranteed!  That is for sure. 

So post if you want something.  But don't be discouraged if you don't get a positive response - maybe nobody has what you need (hence the 'you can get that at a hamfest) or maybe they just don't want to sell their's!  

EBAY, QRZ.COM, Craigslist and others are also possibilities to find something you may want.

Good hunting!


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