Fw: [Boatanchors] Imagine a world without hamfests

Wilson Lamb infomet at EMBARQMAIL.COM
Fri Aug 14 18:08:03 EDT 2009

> OK, are we on the same page here?  Any BC-348 is going to be $75+ and 
> shipping about $35-50.  Are these the sort of numbers you have in mind?

> What ARC-5s do you want, in words.  TX, RX, frequency?  I don't want to 
> have  to look up or remember nimbers.

> If you've done research and have prices in mind, it would save those 
> helping  you a lot of trouble... There's no point in telling you something 
> is available at twice your price range.  Furthermore, the deals will 
> mostly be  at sales when there is no time for asking you if you like the 
> price.  And no one is going to want to hear complaining about the price of 
> something bought  for you.  I know whereof I speak here.  I drove a Falcon 
> station wagon for several years because the woman I bought it for thought 
> it was "ugly"!  So much for helping her over a rough patch.  Good car, 
> too.
> WL

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