Offer to search for "stuff" at the New Mexico statewide hamfest this weekend from K5MGR

Jon M. Schumacher jmsch at USINTOUCH.COM
Fri Aug 14 19:52:04 EDT 2009

Hi Mike,

That's a nice offer to look for hamfest items for us.  I am still looking for a reasonably-priced National SW-3 carcass to resurrect.   Most of what I have seen on E-Bay is in the $200-$400 range and missing power supply, coils, tubes, etc.  If you see anything for under $200, I would definitely be interested provided it is not completely gutted or rusted away.

I'm just looking for the basic receiver and have a few coils and power supply parts if they are unavailable from a seller.

I use PayPal and prefer that method.


                                        Jon, K1NV
                                        Pahrump, NV

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