[Milsurplus] Imagine a world without hamfests

Michael Tauson wh7hg.hi at GMAIL.COM
Sat Aug 15 04:50:05 EDT 2009

On Fri, Aug 14, 2009 at 1:58 AM, Peter Gottlieb<nerd at verizon.net> wrote:
> I dunno, I've picked up stuff at hamfests for others many times.  Mailing is
> a pain, but I've done it.  Occasionally I even get some money sent back,
> although less often than might be expected.  Nowadays, I just do small stuff
>  as a favor and don't ask for money, although I seem to be getting to fewer
> hamfests these days.
> One problem is that what is at these events can vary a lot.  So, you can see
> stuff at 5 of them, mention it, then not see the exact same thing for a
> while.  Once live streaming video is trivial and common maybe remote
> hamfesting can become a reality.

I know about the vagaries of hamfests and don’t worry about them.
It’s always a gamble what’s available and always has been.  I think
that’s part of what made them so much fun; I know the little sense of
“victory” when a treasure showed up at a nice price.  Okay, I don’t
have a life and never did.  :-)

Paying for things isn’t a problem for me but then I also have a sense
of self-respect as well as respect for others.  Honoring commitments
is part of that, and is how I was raised.  Sadly, too many people have
lost that.

Remote hamfests ... okay, now that's cool.  The next stage would be
virtual hamfest.  Second Reality?  ;-)

Best regards,

Michael, WH7HG
Hiki Nô!

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