WTD: Intercom Switches for Battleship

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Sun Aug 30 19:20:04 EDT 2009

The volenteers on Battleship Massachusetts at BattleShip Cove in Fall
River are trying to restore to working condition the xxxx  intercom
system. Each station has a speaker which doubles as a microphone, an audio
power amplifier, and the necessary switching.

The immediate problem is that about 6 of the Talk-Listen switches have
been damaged beyond repair, likely by excessive force. They do not appear
to be available, other by special order from the maker, which is well
beyond the resources available.

The switches are a bit odd: They are two position rotary switches, but
momentary contact. One of the two positions is spring loaded, so if the
knob is released from the TALK , the switch returns home to the LISTEN.
The switch has two wafers, and each wafer is 3-pole; 2-position.

The switch was made by Centralab, P/N 2BFX6977.

Does anyone have a catalog or data sheet that lists this number? Ideally,
I'd like the part numbers for the actuator part and the phenolic wafers so
the needed switched could be assembled from bits scavenged from other

Also, does anyone know of a source of such switches or the constituent parts?



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