FS: Collins 75A-4A

Michael Tortorella w2iy at VERIZON.NET
Fri Dec 4 22:40:39 EST 2009

G'day, all: with regret I need to sell my 75A-4A (not a typo).  This is
75A-4 s/n 2833 that was worked on by W2VCZ in 1967 (who added the 75A-4A
plate to the escutcheon) and further by Dennis Brothers in 1987.  Receiver
is spotless inside and out and works well.  4:1 reduction tuning knob
installed.  The only flaw I know about is the audio and RF gain pots are a
little scratchy and a shot of DeOxit should help.  Has seen very little use
over the past few years.  Includes the stock filter and original manual as
well as all original paperwork from W2VCZ and Western Nebraska Electronics
documenting the modifications and work done to the receiver.  Photos
available, please ask.  Price is $1250 shipped USA.  Thanks for reading and
73 to all, Mike W2IY


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