FS: Modulation Driver transformer

George Babits gbabits at CUSTERTEL.NET
Sun Dec 6 13:54:22 EST 2009

For Sale:  Modulator driver (interstage) transformer from a navy TBM-8 
transmitter.  The driver used a pair of 807's to drive a pair of 803's.  Not 
sure what the impedance ratios are but the voltage ratios are about 1.8:1 if 
I ready my notes right.  I suspect this could also be used as a 100 watt 
modulation transformer.  Something like a pair of 807's modulating a pair of 
807's or 6146's.  There are 2 primary windings and two secondary windings. 
One on each side is center tapped and the other isn't.  Westinghouse 
L-365-744 Type CAY-30560.  Open frane 5 by 5 by 3.75 inches high.

Sell for $35.00 which included postage within the US.

Thanks for looking,

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