Heathkit SB-100, SB-300 and SB-400 for sale

Robert Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Tue Dec 29 02:08:55 EST 2009

A new year coming up and I am doing some necessary simplification to my life by putting up 3 of my Heathkit radios for sale.  I have put some pictures of the radios into a Picassa album for anyone who is interested  - Please go to:


I do not have manuals for any of the radios or at least I can not promise manuals! All the radios seem to have their full allocation of tubes. 

The prices quoted below do NOT include shipping - please contact me for
that bit of info  - the SB-100 and SB-300 weigh about 25 lbs and the
SB-400 will probably hit 35 lbs so you can estimate the cost yourself
(my Zip is 64014).  I use UPS Ground, USPS Parcel Post or USPS Priority

SB-100 SSB Transceiver.  Asking Price: $100
Looks in nice shape with nice wiring - looks well constructed. The LMO
tuning is NOT right - it sticks and slips when it hits 50 on the low
side and 200 plus on the high side. Otherwise the controls are turn
freely. No power supply is provided.  

SB-300 Receiver. Asking Price: $110
Looks in very nice shape - very well built. LMO tunes smoothly from
bottom to top. It does include both the SSB filter and the CW filter.
The knob on the internal selector for VHF1-VHF2-HF is cracked and needs
to be replaced. AC cord fits but is NOT the original Heath cord. 

SB-400 transmiter. Asking Price: $100
Looks in very nice shape - very well built. LMO tunes smoothly from
bottom to top. This does seem to have some modifications by the
original owner - there are two pots mounted on the top side, the RF
output connector has been changed to a UHF type and there is a toggle
switch added to the front panel (it is not wired to anything). No ac
power cord. It does not have the optional crystal pack so it will not
work in a standalone mode. 

I had been intending on restoring these radios but I just have too much
to do. All seem to be in pretty good shape although all are a bit dirty
and dusty.  I have done nothing to them and they are totally untested.
They will all undoubtedly need the normal trouble shooting including
replacing the electrolytics, lubricating the controls, etc. 

They need a good home and I think it is time to pass them on to someone
who can find the time to tackle them. If you have any questions, please
don't hesitate to email. Payment by PayPal preferred.  Thanks and hope
everyone has a great New Year.

Bob Groh, WA2CKY

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