High cost of some ham radio conventions? Come to Albuquerque Aug 14 & 15 -- FREE CONVENTION!

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Sun Feb 15 16:00:57 EST 2009

Hello all !

Yep, the high cost of just about everything is having an effect on ham radio

Except maybe this one:  New Mexico's largest annual Ham Radio convention
(the Duke City Hamfest) is FREE ADMISSION -- always was, and always will be.

Last year just over 2,000 hams and friends came through the door.

Interested?  Great session on boatanchors -- last summer Jim Hanlon, W8KGI
gave a great "show and tell" on a Lettine 240 transmitter I gave him from
one of my back sheds.  When he got it, it was wasp-nest infested, rusty, no
tubes, no cabinet, etc.  By the time he got done with it, it was "showroom
quality!" Great presentation, too!

Info at www.dukecityhamfest.org.

Web site's not yet updated for this year, but will be by the end of this
month !

Come see us !!


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