Hallicrafters MK-3 update

Eric Lawson elawson at INFICAD.COM
Mon Jan 19 17:46:43 EST 2009


I've got the ER magazines that talk about the SX-101s.  When my mom reminded
me of my 30 year "time capsule", and I saw what it was, my mind flashed back
to the articles.  Without them, the reassembly of the tuning gear train
would have been much more difficult and there would have likely been a few
"Mom!  Dad said a BUNCH of bad words!"  :-)

I've gotten the switches replaced/cleaned up.  Two of the toggle switches
needed replacement and I managed to find a few of the same style.  I'm going
to reinstall the front panel and I'll be able to quit worrying about busting
the dial pointer.  It will be almost the same feeling as getting the covers
on HV equipment that I had to work on while hot....I can relax just a bit.. :-)

Another question for you and/or whoever reads this....Is there a special
tool for tightening the serrated nuts that secure the toggle switches? I've
always carefully used a pair of pliers with electrical tape over the jaws,
but I have to be VERY careful to not slip and hurt myself, or worse, gouge
the paint.

On Mon, 19 Jan 2009 10:44:36 -0800, The Pollacks <rinkies at ATT.NET> wrote:

>Glad you're making strides with the 101.  I've had one for several years and
>use it frequently with an HT32.
>If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you get copies of the series that
>appeared in Electric Radio a couple of years back.  It went through a
>complete restoration, and most relevant to your problem, details on how to
>restore the tracking and unsolder and resolder the trimmers.
>If you have a problem getting them, let me know.  I think they have all back
>issues for sale.
>Ron K2RP

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