Hallicrafters MK-3 update

Charles W. Morehouse w4gbw at BELLSOUTH.NET
Mon Jan 19 19:05:27 EST 2009

Hi Folks,
Have been restoring the good old stuff for years.  The grease in those 
old toggle switches turns to cement after years.
A good shot od WD-40 or such will free them up.  Luck and 73.

john wrote:

> At 05:46 PM 1/19/2009, Eric Lawson wrote:
>> Another question for you and/or whoever reads this....Is there a special
>> tool for tightening the serrated nuts that secure the toggle switches?
> Eric, there is, and I think GC makes them. They come in two sizes and 
> I've never really thought they work all that great.  It's like a large 
> collet with serrated jaws that close down on the ring.
> Be careful and minimize the colorful words!
> John K5MO
> PS: My 101 has a couple of iffy toggles , though working them rapidly 
> a couple dozen times made them function well.
> -

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