Using NTC Resistors as Inrush Current Protectors

Tom Norris at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jul 1 02:10:51 EDT 2009

On 6/30/09, at 9:29 PM, butwheat wrote:

> Greetings,
> I've seen threads about this before. As this is a very good and cheap
> protection for BA and modern equipment, I thought I'd pass along a
> link to information about properly 'sizing' them to the application:
> HTH and 73 de Mark KX8XX

Indeed, these are lifesavers, for any BA, while some see little need  
for 5-tubers, every little bit helps.
I have them in all my R-390 assortments and like bry, in an Astron  
power supply.  Just something about turning on the power into the dead  
short of a low esr cap - there was BONG - now no more bong.  I had  
thought abut putting in couple in a very bright room light (and  
ballasts getting punched like the astron each turn on.  Eventually.   
On those, it's cheaper to buy new fixtures.. heeheehee)

It's cheap insurance for the transformer that my be going PONG for the  
last time, with the next time,
Smoke Issues Forth.


(really hates it with "smoke issues forth")

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