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The Pollacks rinkies at ATT.NET
Sun Jun 7 16:31:51 EDT 2009

Shack cleaning.  Stuff you can't live without.  Reasonable offers and
irresistible trades solicited!  Please inquire for pix, manuals, condx, etc.


IM 5284 Multimeter  $20

RF Probe (With banana plugs) $20

HV Probe model 336W $15

AC 1 Antenna Tuner $50

IM 5283 Signal Tracer $20

IM 18 VTVM  $15

HD10 Keyer (Not working) $15

Halli S120 Nice $60

Halli S41W, partially disassembled, I think complete, parts or restore $25

HP 545A Logic Probe $10

Eico Low Capacity Scope Probe $10

Yaesu YM24A Spkr/Mike $10

Simpson 269 Extra nice VOM 100K Ohms/V, with leather case $40

Eico (I think-Green Striped Box) Grid Dip Coils only.  2 sets $15 each.

Actual shipping charges from 92024,  packed carefully at no charge.  Chance
of a lifetime.

Ron, K2RP





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