Treasures for sale or swap

The Pollacks rinkies at ATT.NET
Sun Jun 7 16:42:26 EDT 2009

Sorry for the duplication, forgot the subject line!


 Shack cleaning.  Stuff you can't live without.  Reasonable offers and
irresistible trades solicited!  Please inquire for pix, manuals, condx, etc.


IM 5284 Multimeter  $20

RF Probe (With banana plugs) $20

HV Probe model 336W $15

AC 1 Antenna Tuner $50

IM 5283 Signal Tracer $20

IM 18 VTVM  $15

HD10 Keyer (Not working) $15

Halli S120 Nice $60

Halli S41W, partially disassembled, I think complete, parts or restore $25

HP 545A Logic Probe $10

Eico Low Capacity Scope Probe $10 ForSale-Swap at

Yaesu YM24A Spkr/Mike $10

Simpson 269 Extra nice VOM 100K Ohms/V, with leather case $40

Eico (I think-Green Striped Box) Grid Dip Coils only.  2 sets $15 each.

Actual shipping charges from 92024,  packed carefully at no charge.  Chance
of a lifetime.





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