Weird antenna problem

Schichler, Alfred (GE EntSol, Digital Energy) Alfred.Schichler at GE.COM
Tue Jun 23 10:05:25 EDT 2009

I'm not sure if this is the right group to ask about this problem, but I
figure I'll give it a shot:
Every so often, when I'm using my Butternut vertical mounted on the
garage roof, I notice that signals are way down, like more than 20 dB
down, almost like no antenna or a shorted antenna.
Well, I discovered that if I go in the garage (where there is a
lightning arrestor installed at the 75 ohm and 50 ohm coax junction) and
disconnect the lightning arrestor and squirt some contact cleaner on the
connectors, it works fine again. This happens every few months or so.
I just bought a new lightning arrestor last month, and I took a wire
brush to all the connectors and adapters connected to it, but the
problem still keeps coming back. (It just happened last night). I guess
it's possible that one of the coax connectors has an intermittent
connection, but it didn't look that way when I put an MFJ antenna
analyzer on it. I could only check one of the connectors though.
It's not a real serious problem since it's not hard to fix
(temporarily), but I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of anything
similar and found the cause. (Static discharge of some sort maybe?)

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