FS: Homebrew Tube Transmitter

Radios R. Me radios_r_me at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jun 29 08:25:36 EDT 2009

FOR SALE: Homebrew Tube Transmitter
Has 807 final and Collins VFO built-in.

Looks like a Collins 310B or 310C is the VFO-exciter in this rig.
This is obviously a homebrew project that used the Collins PTO as the main control for the exciter.

Has a different front panel etc. from the typical Collins equipment
Yet it clearly bears some resemblance. Has a built in 120V AC power supply.
Will sell for $125.00 plus shipping

Pictures and details at:

Thanks and 73 - Brian, AF4K


73 - Brian "Bry" Carling, AF4K
= = =
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