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The differences between the DX-100 and DX-100B:

The DX-100B has a continuously variable antenna loading and the DX-100 had a smaller variable capacitor with fixed loading capacitors switched in to add capacitance.  There was a Heath modification kit to add this continuously variable capacitor to the DX-100 and those transmitters thus modified were known as "DX-100A".

The DX-100 has 4 crystal positions that are switched from the front panel.  The DX-100B has a single crystal position that has to be activated by opening the top on the cabinet and then activating a slide switch that is located on the chassis.

The DX-100B has 3 capacitor values changed in the driver stage to improve the drive on the 10 meter band (marginal increase but it is there).

The DX-100 has the larger cabinet whereas the DX-100B uses the "Apache style" cabinet.

The DX-100B chassis was "pre-punched" for the 2 SO-239 connectors to use with the SB-10 SSB adapter, the original DX-100 has to have these holes added.

Heath made a modification kit that could be used on both the DX-100 and the DX-100B to add a spotting switch.  This kit also included parts for "improved keying" to help eliminate "chirp" and to help "shape" the CW waveform.  This involved drilling a hole in the front panel to install a push button switch.

Heath made a modification kit to use the DX-100 and DX-100B with the SB-10 SSB adapter.  This kit included 2 VR (voltage regulator) tubes for the 6146 screens as well as a mode switch (you had to drill the front panel to install this switch) and the SO-239 connectors needed for the connections to the SB-10.

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Query: What is the great difference between the DX-100 and the DX-100B?  What is the market value on each in great shape appearance and working?


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