list wisdom needed Triad MS90040

Michael Tortorella w2iy at VERIZON.NET
Fri Mar 6 15:08:25 EST 2009

G'day, all: I am building up a HB 516F-2 for my S-Line and have this
interesting Triad "two chokes in one package" (the MS90040).  It has 4
terminals, two for each choke.  The package states you can put the two
chokes in series for 25H, or both in parallel for 6.3H.  My question is, can
I use this as if it were two separate chokes?  I want to use one in the HV
supply (800V) and one in the LV supply (300V).  I am worried about possible
mutual inductance.  Can anyone offer advice?

Thanks and 73

Mike W2IY


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