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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Mar 18 12:04:03 EDT 2009

There already is a hole in the unit that is covered by a removable plastic strip that is held in by slots.  I flushed out the gearbox with WD-40 and then lubricated it with musical valve oil (a very fine lubricant that does not change viscosity over the years).

The motor has a removable cover that allows basically full access to the motor itself.  The motor has been cleaned and relubricated as well.

The gearbox is sealed with some sort of material that may be epoxy.  It is not soldered.  If I cannot find a suitable replacement then the next step is to remove the epoxy and see just what is happening inside the gearbox.

Glen, K9STH


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> One useful way to make the hole is to use a dentist's
> burr.  You can find them in useful diameters that fit a
> Dremel tool.  Unlike a twist drill, a burr does not have the
> tendency to grab on breaking through and twisting itself
> into parts on the inside.  Also it is handy to have a vacuum
> cleaner to apply suction to help keep debris from entering
> the hole.
> Emil
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> > Hi Glen,
> > 
> > Carey's idea is great and may be the final cure. I
> have had quite a bit of
> > success with a bit less work. If your clock has the
> round sealed gear box,
> > drill a hole at the top only large enough to fit the
> spout from a WD-40 spray
> > can. Drill this hole with the gear box in an inverted
> position if you can.
> > Drill it very slowly and don't allow the bit to
> penetrate the gearbox further
> > than the edge of the hole. Remove the bit slowly. This
> is to keep as much debris
> > as possible from entering the mechanism. Turn it right
> side up, carefully
> > insert the WD-40 spout and spray away. It may take
> several tries to fill it up
> > since it is sealed and there may be some pressure
> kickback. Let it set
> > overnight, or you can plug it in right away, but you
> may not see results until  the
> > WD has fully penetrated. I did the clock on my Drake
> C-4 about 5 years ago
> > and it got very quiet and started keeping very good
> time.  I have used this
> > method on several other clocks with equally satisfying
> results.


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