The Challenger is a Contender!

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Mar 25 20:08:15 EDT 2009

What kind of output are you getting?  The Challenger was rated at 120 watts INPUT on CW and 70 watts INPUT on phone.  That results in a peak output of around 40 watts maximum on phone and on an average reading wattmeter (the vast majority of amateur radio wattmeters are average reading) you will be lucky to see more than 15 to 20 watts output with the controlled carrier modulation that the Challenger uses.

Glen, K9STH


--- On Wed, 3/25/09, Alan W. Fremmer <AWFremmer at AOL.COM> wrote:

Many thanks to those who offered suggestions as to where to look to bring the rig back to life on AM.  The problem seemed to lie partially in an incorrect resistor connected to pin 2 of the 6AQ6.  Also poor solder  connections at the very start of the audio chain, namely the input phone jack,  was preventing any audio getting out.  Still one problem remains -- low output on AM although much better than before.  Still, I'm on the case, and  hope to have it fully restored within the week.


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