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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Fri May 8 15:59:03 EDT 2009

I have U-Verse and the main box is less than 2 feet from the shack.  No problems!  The technicians who installed the system knew that I was an amateur radio operator.  Also, I have "fiber to the brick", that is there is fiber all to way to a box on the side of my house.  In that box everything is converted from fiber optics to copper wiring.  My telephone lines go through the fiber.  The battery backup and the power supply for the fiber conversion box is located less than 2 feet from my main linear amplifier.  Now I don't run full legal power because my present linear only will make about 1400 watts output instead of the full 1500 watts!

My Internet connection is also U-Verse and there is an AT&T installed Category 5 line from the computer in the shack (which sits on a shelf under the main operating console) to the primary Internet and television modem that is located in my home office.

I have no problems from the U-Verse from 160 meters through 432 MHz.  Since I presently have nothing for any higher bands than the 70 cm band I don't know if there are any problems on higher frequencies.  However, I sincerely doubt it.

Also, ALL telephones in Richardson were converted to a "fiber to the brick" configuration over 2 years ago.  Basically, there are no longer any "hard copper" telephones in the city (both home and business).

Glen, K9STH


--- On Fri, 5/8/09, Bob Peters <rwpeters at SWBELL.NET> wrote:

Hi Guys and Gals. Got a good one for the group. I had ordered ATT U Verse to be installed today.Tech got here a bit ago and took one look at the shack and said NO CAN INSTALL you are a Ham Radio Operator and will kick the you know what out of our system. The U Verse cannot be close to any RF Environment. Now tell me if that is not the biggest piece of B **** . He said that HAMS create all kinds of problems for them and that the FCC is looking into what to do to help ATT on the problem. Looks like we have another BPL on our hands here. Brother and I was going to save $80 per month by going to U Verse.  


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