You gotta LOVE IT - UVerse Blaming Hams

Jim Simmons orion at DATASYNC.COM
Fri May 8 20:31:10 EDT 2009

kd4e wrote:
HA!  I'm sure that ATT has complained to the FCC about Ham Radio 
operators are interfering with their U Verse...NOT!

Methinks that ATT don't want the FCC involved in this any more than they 
already are , since their system is not designed to operate as "off the 
air" receiving equipment.  If the FCC gets involved, and follows their 
own laws, then the onus will be on ATT to resolve the issue.  It would 
be the same as a guitar player complaining to the FCC about the ham next 
door interfering with his guitar amp.  (A common problem).

Jim, N5MSJ

> You really should forward that threat to the ARRL so that they
> may speak to the FCC about it.
> UVerse is responsible for keeping their systems clean in and
> out - we are not responsible for them producing and installing
> junk, or installing it incorrectly.
> It would be best for the ARRL to get out ahead of this.
>> Hi Guys and Gals. Got a good one for the group. I
>> had ordered ATT U Verse to be installed today.Tech
>> got here a bit ago and took one look at the shack
>> and said NO CAN INSTALL you are a Ham Radio
>> Operator and will kick the you know what out of
>> our system. The U Verse cannot be close to any RF
>> Environment. Now tell me if that is not the
>> biggest piece of B **** . He said that HAMS create
>> all kinds of problems for them and that the FCC is
>> looking into what to do to help ATT on the
>> problem. Looks like we have another BPL on our
>> hands here. Brother and I was going to save $80
>> per month by going to U Verse. 
>> Very Best 73's,
>> Bob W1PE
>> Mesquite,TX

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