Subject: Ray Jefferson Model 640 RDF

butwheat butwheat73 at GMAIL.COM
Thu May 28 21:52:31 EDT 2009

Dad passed away last fall, and I keep finding treasures in his basement and
garage (he was quite the boater). This ol dog is (as ALL my Dad's stuff) in
excellent condition, with original manual. It does work, though the
bandswitch is cruddy and hasta be wiggle-jiggled to get all the bands making

Anyone here care about collecting this oddity?

I pack way-well (Dad rubbed off on me) and am just looking for it to be
somewhere appreciated. I already have waaaaay too much radio and airplane
stuff here, so unless I off some other stuff, this one needs a new home, and
Mom's getting new knees and can use some refreshment of her slush fund . . .

vy 73 de Mark KX8XX

Oh, BTW, I'm surmising this is a late '60's or very early '70's construct
because it uses discrete solid state components, not tubes or IC's, several
separate circuit boards connected with harnesses, and the manual was printed
in Japan (can't believe my Dad didn't notice that and buy elsewhere . . .)

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