Another boat anchor paint forumula

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sun May 31 17:00:23 EDT 2009

I just got the color used on the old Hallicrafters S-40 series, S-77, S-85, S-86, SX-99, SX-88, SX-100, and similar dark painted cabinets computer matched.  It seems that the color doesn't even have to be mixed.  Sherwin-Williams has the color as one of their "standard" colors.

Since I use acrylic paint (it dries very hard and cleans up and thins with water) the part number for 1 quart of paint is

6403-26047 Low Sheen Black.

For those who have lost the bookmark, the list of boat anchor paint formulas that I have had matched previously can be found at

Glen, K9STH



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