Instant HW101 Collection

The Pollacks rinkies at ATT.NET
Fri Nov 6 21:29:49 EST 2009

For sale is the following as a package:


2 HW101s


#1 is near collector quality.  400 Hz CW filter installed, both lever knobs
intact.  Full output, works fine, 3 new drive belts.  No mods that I can
find-even the original RCA phono jack for the antenna is there.


#2 has some minor discoloration of cabinet.  Spinner knob instead of
standard tuning knob. The dial escutcheon is unusual; instead of the silk
screened white logo beneath the dial, this one is raised lettering and all
dark green.  I don't know if this is early production, late production, or
what, but I've never seen one like this!  (Any info appreciated!).  This one
also has the 400 Hz filter,  3 new drive belts, full output and works fine.
Both lever knobs intact, RCA antenna jack as designed.  No obvious mods
except the tuning knob.


1 HP23B power supply, great shape, with power cord.


1 HW101 original manual.  


Asking $300 for all, plus shipping from Southern California.  Will consider
splitting up if no interest in package.  These are all nice, clean,
unmodified, well assembled units.  Photos available.



Ron K2RP


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