FS: Antique Regen Receiver

George Babits gbabits at CUSTERTEL.NET
Thu Oct 1 13:17:16 EDT 2009

This is a project I'll never get to.  Antique regen (maybe super regen) 
receiver.  Has 3 stages one of which I think is audio.  Uses two 6 pin tubes 
(57 or 58?) and one 5 pin tube.  The tubes are missing, but there are two 
sets of coils with it (frequencies unknown).  Built on a board with each 
stage in a shielded aluminum box.  I got this from the fellow who originally 
built it about 1927 or 28.  He didn't have a schematic for it, nor could he 
remember exactly what tubes he used.  One of the dials has been broken and 
one of the tuning capacitors has been disconnected.  I have pictures 
available for anyone interested.  Just email me.  Will sell for $75.00 plus 
shipping for 15 pounds.  Sorry, no overseas sales or shipping.

Thanksfor looking,

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