On Theft

Michael Tauson wh7hg.hi at GMAIL.COM
Sun Oct 18 10:32:20 EDT 2009

This is on topic since I know some of those here present have
experienced loss in this way.

As mentioned in my previous two posts in boatanchors (both of them)
about the need for a Swan transformer and a Viking PA tuning unit,
four boxes were stolen from my apartment, three with electronics and
one of wood samples – along with a bottle of Tylenol which I’m sure
will be needed once it’s discovered the street value of what was taken
is zilch.  The end result is that everything for my 1950s transmitter
projects is gone and the 1930s transmitters are badly crippled.  Most
of the crystals, a few tubes and some resistors and fixed caps are
still here but that’s it as far as electronics; everything else is

On the positive side, I have all the knobs, verniers and other
non-electrical parts.  Oh, gee whiz willikers wow.  How nice.

At this point, I’m angry, upset, disappointed (including in the
“neighborhood watch” people), and confused.  That last is because the
responsible party/parties had to go past several laptops, a tablet
computer, this computer and other bits that were obvious in value.
Frustration is also high on the list for a variety of reasons.

There are other projects on the list – a hybrid CW/SSB/AFSK rig,
getting a HW-101 operational with a couple junkers to test ideas, etc
(These account for the requested parts) – but the 50s equipment is a
write off and I have to think about how to proceed with the prewar
transmitters.  The crystals are here and it seems a shame not to use
them and the other things I have left for them, but more importantly I
believe I have a responsibility and an obligation to do as I said I
would.  I just don’t see a way that can happen in any reasonable time

So here are the questions.  How did any of you who’ve gone had
equipment stolen handle it?  There is no chance of recovering what was
stolen so what’s my next move?  And, moving over to a question of
morality, how do I deal with having lost the parts that were so
generously given to me in good faith?

Thank you.

Best regards,

Michael, WH7HG
Hiki Nô!

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