Parts for BCB Trap hudlerb1 at NETZERO.COM
Thu Oct 22 13:12:29 EDT 2009

Hello BA's

These pieces most likely some has in their junk box. 

I checked around a bit and nothing in mine or easily found on antique web sales sites for BCB radios. Wow this is not easy as I thought.

The problem is up the street a few miles is a BCB station ( DISNEY RADIO ) on 1650 KHZ. It blows it's way into my SX101 pretty bad making 160 M band useless. Bad luck on my location, as the second IF is 1650 KHz in the radio...... 

I checked the handbook and the trap describes a BCB tunable trap. This may or may not fix the problem. I am looking for the ferrite rod and variable cap to build this device. Also a filter that rolls off at 1700 is described, but that is a bit more involved.

Any other suggestions other than moving?

Thanks Bruce 73's

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