FS: W.S. 19 accessories

George Babits gbabits at CUSTERTEL.NET
Fri Oct 23 13:03:58 EDT 2009

I have for sale some Wireless Set 19 parts and accessories.  All of
this looks brand new, some still wrapped it its original packing.  Most of 
single items will fit in the larger postal "flat rate" boxes.  Postage is
quoted  for postage within the lower 48 states.  There is only one of each

 Microphone and Receiver Headgear No.1 Assembly.  New and in unopened sealed
wrapping.  $35.00 plus $15.00 postage.

 Microphone and Receiver Headgear Assembly No.1 (?) Looks like brand new but
not in box.   Mike is marked "Microphone Hand No.7.  Headphones are
unmarked.  Have canvas strap and spring band. Excellent cord and plug.
$25.00 plus $12.00 postage.

 12 point to 12 point control cable  No.50C.  New but dusty.  $20.00 plus
$12.00 postage.

 Junction Distribution control box No.3.  Has an aproximately 6' cable with
lugs on end, and 2 cloth covered cables for headsets which terminate in  5
pin female connectors. Labling in English and Russian.  Dusty and may be
used.  $35.00 plus $12.00 postage.

Antenna Part Number PC76418c-191.  4 inch long by 7/8" diameter housing
with a short ground braid with big allegator clip and 5/16  dia 1.5 incl
long rod on one end which looks like it is insulated from the body.  $10.00
plus $6.00 postage.

Three envelopes of "Connector Retaining Clips"  One with  7, one with12, and
one with 8.  All three for $10.00 plus $6.00 postage

 Wiring Diagram No 18 Mk II US.  on a 7 by 8 inch aluminum plate slightly
bent .  $8.00 plus $7.00 postage

 Cloth bag marked "1 Set Screws, Nuts, and Washers" full but not inventoried
for completeness.  Looks new.  $8.00 plus $6.00 postage.

 Envelope (tattered but unopened) marked "5 ea Hooks - For Microphone and
Headsear."  $10.00 plus $6.00 postage

 Wiring Diagram Print No.18 Mk II in envelope  $12.00 postage inclufed.

 Assorted Paperwork:  "List of Contents;" folded good condition.  Two sheets
"Installation Print  T26E1 Heavy Tank (90 mm); very tattered and brittle,
folded and some pieces missing.  All three for $10.00 postage included.

 I would be more than happy to sell this stuff as a "lot" for $135.00 plus
UPS shipping for 25 pounds.

Thanks for looking,

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