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Wed Sep 9 12:36:43 EDT 2009

You could try a simple test setup with a battery (like 3V) a collector
current limiting resistor (2.2K) and milliammeter (0-5mA) and another
resistor (20K) and switch to inject base bias...  a simple common emitter
amp and three clip leads to the transistor. Just try all 6 possible
connections to find the one w/ the best Beta. Look for the biggest change
in collector current when the bias is switched on and off.



> I am trying to locate a original data sheet for a Philco 2N224.
> It MUST be Philco data because other sheets appear to have different base
> diagrams.
> I can not use the ohm meter method to check these because they are all so
> leaky that I get false readings. . . .
> Any help will be greatly appreciated!
> TIA es 73
> Gene, WØQFC
> Spring Hill FL
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